Active Listening: Two Phases, One Purpose

“What” “How” and “Why?” Three questions which need to be answered in order to implement a new strategy or skill in our lives. In my previous articles, I answered the “What?” and “Why?” concerning active listening. Today we are going to focus on the how. How exactly do we actively listen? Active listening has two phases: taking in data and energy and then using language that reflects that we have indeed listened. Phase One The first phase occurs when we listen to clients in our attempt to take in both the data and energy coming from them. In active listening we let go of figuring out “the problem” and instead focus on what the clients is saying and how they are articulating their thoughts. We

Active Listening: Listening For Potential

Information in; information out. The majority of our waking hours are spent in some form of communication. We are social creatures. Even when alone, we frequently maintain an inner dialogue with ourselves. Of all forms of communication, listening is the most frequently used. Studies find that adults spend about 45% of their communication time listening. Managers are estimated to spend 63% of their time at work listening.* Listening is essential to life, and a skill we want to hone. In our previous article, we discussed several listening perspectives. In this article we will discuss a final one: listening for the client's potential. Peter Senge says, "To listen fully means to pay close atte

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