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Why True North?



Our mission is to facilitate transformational change.


We help our clients transform and we develop leaders and coaches to facilitate transformation for others.


For clients, we provide engagements that identify meaningful goals and support you to take bigger, smarter steps towards them. We help you craft hard-hitting strategies to support achievement of those goals and hold your feet to the fire, gently challenging you every single step of the way.


For coaches (and leaders as coaches) we provide distance-learning programs to help develop coaching mastery, get credentialed, and create a sustainable coaching practice.

“We help our clients create a clear picture of what they want to manifest, examine the obstacles blocking them, and create strategies to break through.”

True North Resources - Paulette Rao



True north is the universal zero degree compass point that travelers use to find their way. Because it is magnetically aligned, True North is the unwavering constant in the traveler’s journey.


Each of us also has a True North—an internal compass—for navigating our lives and careers. Coaching helps you calibrate that internal compass. The result is that your movement forward is in alignment with your values so that you create a life and career that is on purpose. You find and honor your true north.




We use self-directed coaching models informed by systems science, psychology, neuroscience, and change principles, augmented by world-class leadership theory and practices.


The coaching journey starts with assessing where you are in terms of skill sets and mindsets.


We then look at where you want to be, your true north in terms of the, skills, behavioral changes, mindsets, and performance levels you desire.

The gap that exists between these two will be articulated goals that serve as the backbone of your learning journey. Once established, we create a supporting strategy to move you forward and measure your progress in your individual development plan.


From there, coaching asks powerful, solution-focused, often-never-asked questions—to help you unpack your thinking and examine it, from a new perspective. This inherent clarity—a benefit of new thinking—facilitates powerful new insights. These insights also provide the momentum and the impetus needed to power the action steps that propel you along your path.

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