Trust vs. Distrust: Counteracting the Decisions of the Primitive Brain

Have you ever had a direct report or team member you just didn’t get a good vibe from since the very first moment you met them? Maybe you couldn't pinpoint it, but something about them made you distrust them. Perhaps your initial reaction was correct, and they turned out to be unreliable. Or, perhaps you were wrong, it turned out they were dependable and well-liked by everyone - except you. Perhaps, in spite of their positive track record, you still didn’t grow to trust them. You were relieved the day you parted ways. But what if the story had ended differently? What if something had changed the trajectory of the relationship? What if you had learned to trust and collaborate with them, and b

An Open Space for Co-Creation: The Impact of Healthy Boundaries in Transformational Conversation

Have you ever been in a relationship with a colleague or manager who couldn’t seem to hear anything you had to say? It always felt like they thought they were right, and you were wrong. They never seemed to really listen to your point of view to actually consider whether you might indeed be right or at least be contributing something of value. It wasn’t so much that you minded being wrong, as that simply meant you had something to learn; but rather that the other person advocated their own point of view without considering integrating the new information you brought to the table into their thought process. As I considered how I might transition our conversation from boundaries to having pr

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