Self Esteem #3: Developing Healthy Self Esteem

It is good to know intellectually that we are valuable, but we need this information to get down into our heart - to the feeling place. We need to feel our value in our bones. So what are some simple steps we can take to begin changing the way we think about ourselves? First, begin taking steps to take care of yourself. We need to take action before our feelings will follow. When we begin to treat ourselves like we matter, our feelings will change. It can be taking a walk, treating ourselves to a night out or beginning to make any number of better decisions that deeply serve us and of which we are proud. Second, begin to develop healthy boundaries in your relationships. Boundaries help us kn

Self Esteem #2: the Benefits of Healthy Self Esteem

In my last post, we defined self esteem as valuing ourselves in spite of our humanity. In light of this definition, it isn’t possible to either have high or low self esteem; it is only possible to either have self esteem or not to have it. So, if we either have self esteem or we don’t, how do we ensure we always have it? Matthew McKay, author of Self-Esteem, says we can’t always have self esteem. Questioning our value is a natural consequence of our own consciousness. It’s the human condition. Some days we may lose connection to our sense of self worth. This disconnect could be triggered by something in our environment like not getting the client or gaining 10 pounds. Let’s face it. As human

Self Esteem #1: Self Acceptance in the Face of Our Humanity

Have you ever thought your life would be better if only you had healthy self esteem? Many of us know someone who thinks we are amazing. Perhaps one of your close friends or colleagues immediately comes to mind. Just the thought of them makes you smile. But no matter how often they tell you how wonderful you are, it never seems to sink all the way into your psyche. Sometimes it bounces entirely off you as you wonder what they would think if they really knew your foibles. Well, what if no matter what they thought about you, your sense of self worth was unaffected; that you had self esteem that didn't vacillate based on the opinions of others? I want to start this series of articles with talkin

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