Navigating the ICF Credentialing Process

A common theme among coaches is an authentic desire to guide and inspire others to take action that propels them forward. Therefore, it was natural for me to emerge from my personal ICF certification process with a strong desire to facilitate others’ credentialing journey. I wanted to use my experience and hard–won insights as a frame for facilitating others journey so they can arrive at their destination feeling confident enough to ace the exam! Having been through the process, I know first-hand how intense it can be. Just the thought of sorting through the paperwork, understanding the requirements, and evaluating where you are in relation to them can feel overwhelming. The good news is tha

How to Select Your Mentor Coach

Maybe you’re seeking a credential and need to fulfill your mentor coaching requirements. Perhaps, you’re looking to strengthen your skills or take your business from a part-time to a full-time practice. No matter your reason for seeking a mentor, there is one key question – How do you go about finding one? While the idea of finding a mentor might seem overwhelming at first, breaking the process into manageable chunks will allow you find your mentor coach with less stress and more confidence! Think About ‘What,’ not ‘Who’ Before you even begin thinking about “who” part of your mentor coach, it’s important to think about the “what”. What type of person do you want to work with? Until you know

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