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Are you looking to become ICF certified, renew
your existing coaching credential or move up to
your next level of accreditation?


Our ICF Credentialing Made Easy

mentoring program fully supports credentialing candidates to build
their coaching skills, further develop mastery in the ICF competencies
and emerge superbly positioned to pass the credentialing exam
 with presence and confidence.


  • Do you know the steps needed to fulfill the requirements of ICF certification?

  • Is the thought of managing this task overwhelming, given everything else on your plate?

  • Do you have the time and organizational skills to get through the cumbersome maze of paperwork?

  • How confident are you that your coach training has prepared you to demonstrate all eleven competencies as the ICF would like to hear them?



Why does this matter? Because not everyone passes on their first attempt, due to the challenge of maintaining your presence while under enormous performance pressure in the recorded session.

ICF Credentialing - Paulette Rao


The ICF Credentialing Made Easy™ Mentoring is ideal for you if you:


  • Need 10 (or fewer) mentor hours to meet the requirements for the ACC, PCC, or MCC credential applications.

  • Are renewing your credential and need mentor hours to meet renewal requirements.

  • Want an objective assessment and personalized 1:1 mentoring from an experienced MCC to sharpen your skills against the ICF Core Competencies.


Deepening your ability to apply the core competencies is every bit as important as being able to add the ICF designation after your name. Equally as important is the self-confidence that comes from deepening your capacity to coach others.  The confidence alone yields better results for your clients.


In a recent ICF study, 84% of respondents who had engaged in a professional coaching relationship said it was “somewhat to very important” for their coach to have credentials.

The Coach Whisperer


As a credentialed coach, you will have greater opportunity to make an impact on the lives and careers of more people and be compensated at a higher level for doing that. All of which leads to the freedom to live on purpose, making money doing what you love.


  1. Earn higher than average annual incomes

  2. Increased number of referrals and greater client satisfaction

  3. Have more opportunities for coaching

Top 3 Benefits of Being Credentialed

What does that mean to you?

The sooner you receive your accreditation, the sooner you can secure the type of clients you really want – those who value someone who has submitted themselves to rigorous study and subscribe to a Code of Ethics. Both are really important in today’s world, especially if you coach in an organization. Being credentialed by ICF establishes, without a doubt, that you are professional.

For you, having a credential means that you are more skilled and as a result, can deliver faster and better results for your clients, leading to more referrals. For the entrepreneurial coach, this means increased revenue, which translates to financial freedom as you build a more sustainable business with consistent income year after year, so you won't have to go back to your “day job”.


Who should you select to mentor you to pass the exam?

Now that you are clear on the benefits of becoming credentialed, you want to choose both the right mentor coach and the right credentialing program for you. Your choice should be based on the mentor’s level of coaching expertise, their track record, and ability to educate other coaches, as well as the comprehensiveness of the services provided in their program. Remember, you want someone who will TEACH you to become a better coach – not just someone to help you pass the exam.  


Unfortunately, if you are not prepared, you won’t know until after ICF has listened to your recording and If you don't see where you fall short before-hand and you don’t pass, you have to redo part of the process. As your mentor, Paulette Rao helps you see and correct any blind spots before you submit your recorded session by assessing your practice recordings and giving you detailed feedback to improve before you pull the trigger on your application.  You save time and money not to mention forego the frustration and embarrassment of not hitting the mark.


Equally as important, you want your mentor to be someone:


  • you are comfortable being open and vulnerable with

  • whom you trust to deliver results, and

  • who has a proven track record for educating coaches

99% of our clients have passed their credentialing exam the first time
because they committed to learning from me how to best demonstrate the core competencies.

Leadership Coaching - True North Resources
your coach


Why trust Paulette Rao to get the job done?


Because Paulette has coached hundreds to be credentialed.  As one of only 700 Master Certified Coaches (MCC) worldwide she knows the best practices for acquiring the skills sets you need to demonstrate a plethora of competencies in a recorded coaching session.


Plus, she has a proven track record as an award-winning COACH EDUCATOR. (Just because someone is a master certified coach does not mean they can TEACH.) Paulette Rao is a Violet Award winning educator at New York University (NYU) a top-tier global university where she has been creating and delivering coaching skills curriculum over the past decade. Recently, she was selected to develop the Diploma in Coaching curriculum for NYU.


Who better to help you establish the critical mindsets and skillsets to be an exceptional coach than someone who has been a seasoned mentor for more than a decade, having coached hundreds to receive their credential or their coaching certificate with enthusiastic testimonials attesting to her efficacy. Many of those Paulette has mentored started at ground zero as a coaching student and are now making six figures as leadership and life coaches, authors (including at Hay House), MCCs, leaders in talent management, human resources, running coaching companies and schools and more – all enjoying a rewarding career.


You want to be mentored by someone with a deep commitment to your success, someone who walks the talk and who has built and sustained her own six-figure coaching career. Paulette has done that and it is her  mission to mentor you to go from where you are now to where you want to be, with ease and speed. To smooth out the bumps in the road that she has navigated herself and to mentor you toward creating a career that gives you the satisfaction you envisioned for yourself when you started down this path.





Hi. I’m Paulette Rao and I have trained and mentored hundreds of coaches just like you for the past decade, helping them hone their coaching skills toward mastery level and pass their ICF credentialing exam the first time around. I provide you with a safe, quality learning environment in our ICF Credentialing Made EasyTM program to support you in taking your skillsets to the next level.


As a Board and Master Certified Coach with expertise in a brain-based coaching approach, I help you transform the way you facilitate the coaching process so you can have a greater impact on those you coach.


Paulette Rao, MCC, BCC
The Coach Whisperer



the difference

When you commit to studying with Paulette, there is no doubt you will be a better coach as every single one of her clients attest to this in their testimonial.


This is a FULL-ON PROGRAM created to make you a better coach while easing your journey to becoming credentialed not just 10 hours of teleclasses reviewing the competencies. It includes access to our online learning platform to make the process less cumbersome. The platform gives you quick and easy access to the materials needed to gather all the data needed for the application submission. Plus, you will be able to connect with others in the cohort, post questions to them, and your mentor and upload files if you have you’d like to share.


Simply put, this credentialing program puts you on the fast track to accelerate your coaching skills so YOU can become the BEST coach you can be. There is no other credentialing program as thorough.


ICF Credentialing Made Easy fulfills all ICF requirements:


  • Ten hours of mentor coaching via Zoom

  • 7.5 hours of group mentoring

  • 3 hours of personalized 1:1 mentoring


ICF Credentialing Made Easy training includes:

7.5 hours of group mentoring delivered over five  90-minute teleclasses, plus three hours of personalized one-on-one mentoring with Paulette. (One-on-one mentoring can range from 45- to 90-minute sessions, based on your learning needs).


During your 1:1 sessions, Paulette will observe your demonstration of ICF core competencies (either live or by recording) and give you quality feedback on targeted areas for development, including any blind spots you can’t see for yourself, so you gain the credential you want the first time.


The three hours of private mentoring focus on getting you confident and prepared to record a session(s) that will pass muster by your assessor and prepare you for your written exam.


True North Resources - ICF Credentialing Made Easy

"I highly recommend Paulette to anyone seeking mentoring in preparation for ICF certification. Thanks to her, I now have a much clearer understanding of the logistics of the certification process. Paulette provided me with numerous tips for successful completion of the oral exam. I am much more confident now that I will be successful with the exam and more importantly, I am more confident in meeting the needs of my current and future clients. Thanks, Paulette!“ ~ Mike Cave


classes and tuition


ICF Credentialing - Paulette Rao

 International Coach Federation Credentialing Made Easy™ mentoring runs quarterly. 

 Classes are held from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM on weekdays via Zoom.

If you are interested or have more questions,

please contact or call 917- 921-7852.

If you are not looking to get credentialed at this time and simply want to increase your mastery into ICF core competencies, you may elect only to be mentored one-on-one by Paulette to grow your coaching skills to a higher level. Anyone looking for expert mentoring in any area of coaching, be it life coaching, business, executive, parenting, health, and wellness coaching may sign up.


Over 40,000 coaches worldwide can attest to the professional and personal value
of achieving an ICF Credential!


If you would like to join their ranks and be seen as rigorously-qualified and highly professional, I’d l be honored to facilitate the journey to get you there.


I look forward to mentoring you to success, whether in passing your credentialing exam with ease, in growing and sustaining a profitable coaching practice, and last, but certainly not least, if you wish to get to that next level in your ability to produce transformational results for clients every time.



Paulette Rao

Master Certified Coach
Board Certified Coach

P.S. There is no time like the present. The sooner you pass your credentialing exam and/or achieve the next level of mastery, the sooner you can command and earn more money and be seen as a world class executive and organizational coach, whether you are in your own practice or are working in an organization.

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