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Conscious Marketing™ for Coaches

Unlike traditional marketing, Conscious Marketing™ is not based on creating fear or fighting the competition. It's also not about figuring out what clients want and becoming that.

It's about tapping into your heart, intuition and instinct to create your marketing message. It's getting out of your head, getting out of your own way and connecting with what is already there.

Like in any relationship, if we are not authentic, we attract people that resonate with the lie and therefore they don't feel good and are not fun to spend time with. Your ideal client (the one that feels good and is fun to work with) is attracted to your passion, not a false image you create because that is what you think they want.

Conscious Marketing™ helps you draw out that passion, get clarity and channel it into your materials, so people can connect with you from that authentic, passionate place. Conscious Marketing™ builds on the Law of Attraction, which says that we will draw unto us things and people that are of a like vibration. In other words, what we clearly focus on, we create (positive or negative).

In order to attract our ideal client, we must know who they are; but more importantly we must know who we are and show up authentically in everything from our conversation to our written materials. It's about attracting clients from that organic place. Conscious Marketing™ helps you create that space within you and from here radiate out to reach your target audiences.

How it works.

We begin by forgetting about the fact that we are working toward creating marketing material. This helps us be in the moment with the process. It allows us to release fears about the perfect wording and unblocks our creativity so the passion can pour through. Again, it's this passion that attracts our ideal client. Being in the process also leaves the door open for limiting beliefs to surface so we can acknowledge and release them.

Step 1 - Setting a Course

The first step is to get clarity on what you want. The foundation of Conscious Marketing™ is the law of attraction: whatever you clearly focus on you create. Therefore, the overall vision for your business is the most important groundwork you can lay (and the step most folks skip). Conscious Marketing™ uses an active visualization process that gets your juices flowing and focuses your thoughts on what you WANT, not on what you DON'T want. Of course, we need to know what we don't want first, it's this contrast that creates our desires or wants. However, we want to avoid focusing on what we don't want because otherwise that is what we will attract. Here's an example:

"I don't want cheap clients" versus "I want clients that recognize the value of my service and pay me gratefully".

The Conscious Marketing™ process covers nearly all areas of a marketing plan in a non-threatening, creative way. You'll discover languaging, strategy, targets and names for things that you weren't even aware were there. It essentially taps into your inner marketer, which is "birthed" through a co-creative experience.

Step 2 - Identify Uniqueness

Next we move into asking key questions like:

Why would someone choose my product/service instead of the other that appears to have/do the same thing? What are the unique benefits of choosing my product/service?

The word "appears" is key to this question. We know there are many folks who seem to be offering what we have/do, but there is also a part of us that knows we are different/special. The part of us that knows we are special is the part that we need to connect with, so we can pull out all that juicy stuff and put it into our material.

We can no longer use words like "high quality" and "effective" and expect these words will connect with our ideal client. Our ideal client expects all product/services to be high quality and effective; instead our ideal client wants to know how it will make them feel, how will it change their life and how it meets a core need they have. The answers to these questions fuel the emotional connection.

Step 3 - Identify Limiting Beliefs

Now, back to the part of us that does NOT know we are special. This is the part of us that looks at those folks who appear to be the same as competition. This limiting belief is scarcity-based and also needs to be heard. It's these types of beliefs that can block our success. The Conscious Marketing™ process doesn't overlook this.

Conscious Marketing™ also asks questions that address limiting beliefs. It's these beliefs that can get in the way of communicating your message. For example:

What event that first appeared to be negative had a higher purpose? What was the purpose and how does it apply to your current endeavor? What event that appears negative doesn't yet have a clear higher purpose?

The answer to this question begins to uncover ways you may be blocked. If you had a business partner arrangement that didn't work out, you may not be open to a new partner (or alliance) coming forward that may enhance your product or service. The idea is to not eliminate all humans as potential business partners, but to instead really look at why it didn't work out and learn the personal life lesson. Perhaps there wasn't a clear formal agreement up front, perhaps you didn't realize your goals were different, maybe you just grew apart (which can happen in all relationships) or maybe you just like working alone! The Conscious Marketing™ process considers these questions as important as those that appear to be more directly related to marketing.

Step 4 - Stepping Out

The last phase of the process identifies the best marketing strategies to use to meet your goals. Then we look at the materials you'll need (i.e. letters, coupons, brochure, website etc). Everything we uncover in the first three steps is utilized in the marketing material we create. This ensures your passion is communicated and that we take full advantage of the law of attraction.

Contact Paulette Rao for more information.

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