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The Top 10 Reasons to Be Credentialed

Let’s face it, the coaching credentialing process can be pretty overwhelming! I know because I have been there. It is easier and may be tempting to skip over getting credentialed altogether. Receiving credentials from the International Coach Federation, which is the closest thing we coaches have to a governing body, is a commitment and as such, requires an investment of time and money, just as almost everything in life that is worth having does.

Here are a few reasons you may want to consider boosting your coaching career from this point forward with ICF credentials:

1.) You attract what you are. Want to attract clients who value education, are continually working on improving themselves and are go-getters? Want to attract clients who are serious enough about what they want to take committed action?

2.) Walk your talk. To be in integrity, you will want to know and show your level of commitment to this profession. Your clients are going to be paying top dollar for your coaching and they expect you to meet a certain professional standard. Prove to them you have the same values they do.

3.) Credentials you can be proud of give you a confidence boost. When you work hard to reach a goal and succeed, you gain confidence, which spills into all areas of your life and coaching practice.

4.) Clients are asking for it. In a recent ICF study, 83% of respondents who had engaged in a professional coaching relationship said it was somewhat to very important for their coach to have credentials. Younger consumers were more likely than older consumers to know whether their coach held credentials. Women were more likely than men to know which credentials their coach held. Simply put, clients care whether their coach holds credentials — even clients who are not new to the coaching world.

5.) As a coach, you understand that you will be more successful when you are held to a higher standard. Let’s be honest, while most of us love having our own autonomy, the greater the accountability in our lives, the greater the results of our choices. Being credentialed makes you part of an organization that maintains a higher standard. Why would you expect any less of yourself than you do of your clients? If you choose your credentialing program well, the mentoring you receive will go beyond just helping you to pass the exam, to examining the blind spots in your process so that it fully supports both you and your clients.

6.) Credentials build trust with cold contacts and other potential clients — before you ever speak to them. Imagine you are awaiting a new doctor in his or her examination room. You know the drill. The first thing you do is check out the diplomas on the wall. Where did the doctor earn their degree and fulfill their residency? Obviously, you will feel more comfortable in the hands of someone who graduated from one of the top recognized med schools, because you know they received the proper training. It’s the same with hiring a coach. New clients trust coaches with credentials, degrees and experience to prove the coach is capable of helping them solve their current dilemma.

7.) Being certified helps you network, learn from and receive referrals from fellow coaches. There is an instant bond and recognition of excellence between members of a coaching organization that demands a higher standard.

8.) Experience may be the best teacher, but why not avoid the bumps in the road if you can and not have to learn the hard way? Be invested in your own business and hire a mentor coach to help avoid a slower, more costly and painful learning process.

9.) Credentials help you earn more money. On average, certified coaches make more money than non-certified coaches. We all want to change the world and would also like to make enough money to travel the world, enjoy fine dining and live debt-free. Your investment in credentials will pay off.

10.) Credentials set you apart from un-credentialed coaches. Being credentialed signifies your commitment, establishes that you care about excellence in your career, are a life-long learner and a trusted professional.

What holds you back from getting your credentials?

We can help you to identify that and be successful. Passing the credentialing exam is not necessarily a given – especially IF you are not well prepared. That’s where we come in. We help you arrive confident in your ability to ace the exam the first time out.

99% of our clients pass on the first try. Those who don’t, generally fail because they didn’t comply with or apply the mentoring they received.

Contact the author, The Coach Whisperer, Paulette Rao, MCC and CEO of True North Resources at for dates for the next Credentialing Made Easy cohorts.

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