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Coach as Conscious Entrepreneur

Conscious entrepreneurs weave their life purpose with their business to create a career that is spirit-fueled.

As coaches we strive to be conscious entrepreneurs. We want to bring our gifts into the world and help others. We want to build our practice by communicating our contribution in a clear, compelling way that attracts the people who need us the most.

Despite our desire to hold a clear and strong vision and create abundance for others and ourselves, the path can be fraught with fear, doubt and worry. When money, marketing, organization, time, and balance enter the picture, it’s easy to lose our calibration. You can go from spirit-filled to fear-based in a flash. Once you lose consciousness, your ability to infuse your business with vision is compromised.

Being conscious as an entrepreneur requires going inside. It means having singular clarity about where we’re aiming, what we contribute, and showing up in a way that demonstrates that with conviction. It requires that we know and manage the inner critic’s voice so that we can operate with a lens of abundance, generosity, and contribution.

When we build a practice consciously, we do so from the inside out. We are led by our inner compass and propelled by our conviction. Our actions are inspired by the beliefs and values we hold dear.

Conscious entrepreneurs provide value to their clients in return for equal but different value. You provide access to a solution for your client and that person reciprocates with equal currency. It’s an exchange where you both win. Your client wants to facilitate positive change and you want to earn money doing what you love so that you can live on purpose. There’s alignment between your needs and your clients’ needs. It’s honest, sincere, and reciprocal.

How are you showing up as a conscious entrepreneur?

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