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Shifting Mindsets for Sustainable Change
True North Resources - Paulette Rao

Paulette helps leaders around the world get better at what they do.


An increasingly important role of leaders today is to develop their teams; help each colleague improve their performance so each is operating at their fullest potential.


Paulette assists leaders by teaching them coaching skills that transform how they think, communicate and lead resulting in enhanced personal as well as team performance.


To explore whether coaching can help you and your organization, send her an email for a thirty-minute gratis consultation.

Master Certified Coach
Board Certified Coach

“I assist leaders in navigating critical inflection points where they have pushed up against the edge of their ability and given the new demands placed on them, need to grow their mindsets, skillsets and behaviors to thrive in an often volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environments.


I help them transform the way they think, listen, communicate, manage, and lead by bringing the benefits of coaching into corporate settings to transform conversational skills, develop and retain talent, and improve performance."

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